I enjoy eating, especially ice, pickles and anything that’s good , I have a love for the game VOLLEYBALL and baseball ❤ I come from a big family , I’m a small town girl with big dreams I’m addicted to instagram, 🙂 Canucks fan – Alexander Edler – #23 –
Native / Puerto Rican /
I’m very lovable – outgoing – caring 🙂

My life plan is to continue to collage after graduation which I may go to TRU which is located in kamloops , and I plan on getting into counselling I’d love to be a councillor , I’d also like to major in journalism I love writing 🙂

5’2 grade 10 Tyra Isabelle Elaine Isaac

My dad has 10 brothers & 6 sisters
George (John Andrew Isaac)
Howie (Harold Keith Isaac)
Gaylord (Gaylord Leon Isaac)
Shuma (Kerry Lorne Isaac)
Jason (Jason Anthony Isaac) – passed away
Abe (Abry Wayne Isaac)
Simon (Darryl Curtis Isaac)
Bud (Jeigh Aaron Isaac) – passed away
Mick (Michael Oates)
Frank (Francis Lot Isaac) – passed away

Sally (Sally Lynn Watson) – passed away
Sister (Isabelle Faith Isaac)
Joanie (Joanita Avalene Isaac-Campbell)
Marge (Margery Dawn Isaac) – passed away
Bunny (Juliet Abigail Isaac – Campbell) – passed away
Vicky (Vicky Rena Isaac-Ford)

My mom has 2 brothers and 2 sisters
Joe (Joe Alan Andrew)
Jason (Jason Brent Peters) – passed away

Sherry (Sherry Elaine Andrew)
Jackie (Jacqueline Rose Andrew)

My grandmas are
Isabelle Hilda Isaac – passed away
Winifred Evelyn Andrew

My grandpas are
John Andrew Isaac – passed away
Albert Joseph Florence – passed away

Numerous cousins !


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