Get to know me?

Here’s a page about the things I like, & thiings I dislike the dislike section will most likely be longer 🙂

I like being HAPPY reason being is lately I have been pretty down and now I’m better:)

I don’t like mushrooms, I’ve hated them since day 1

I reaaaally love eating food, sometimes I get judged but who cares I LOVE food 🙂

I don’t like bully’s/bullying , what’s the point?

I like to be LOUD and annoying 🙂

I don’t like when people touch my ears I alwaaays twitch my head. Uhhhh don’t touch my ears 😦

I like being surrounded with people

I like being center of attention

I don’t like people who judge me, call me down , talk about me, or even just RUDE people in general

I like cooking

I LOVE pickles

I like decorating things, my rooms filled with pictures/posters, teenage life!

I don’t like living in such a small town, I get to see the same faces, I get to deal with the same drama, its nerve racking

I like watching movies

I like meeting new people

I don’t like the dark

I like having orange juice and 7 up together

I like haviny long showers

I don’t like when people are upset with me

I like playing GTA

I like being lazy some times

I don’t like disrespectful children

I’m not against abortions

I support gay people

I like the idea of becoming a leader


I like the idea of being called “mommy” one day

I don’t like being in a funk which I get quite often

I don’t like crabby people

I don’t like when people treat me differently when “certain people” are around


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