My hero<3

I never really truly understood how lucky i am to have such a great man for a father he’s my best friend & i don’t know what i could or would do if I lost him
So this is a page is for my dad who I dearly admire hes been there through everything,

My dad is 51 years of age we call him chuck but his full name is Rodney Charles isaac he’s the best father ever ! He’s got such a caring and loving heart , he took in a child and took her in as his own from day 1 and that would be my sister Danya ,my moms a very strong woman as well she took in my aunties son as her own son and Tyler’s just like my brother I love my family

My dad is the type to have a very social life , he likes to keep busy on a daily basis , you’ll never catch him laying on the couch he’s up at the crack of dawn and is the life of the party,

he is one of the reasons why i am who i am today, he does things for me and makes the life i have the best, there’s never a dull moment with this guy! I love him soooooooo much , 🙂 my dad sets his heart on what he wants and he gets it. He’s been a logger ever since he was 16 years of age, he’s been playing baseball for countless years, & the thing he loves the most is his family, his two beautiful daughters and his life partner!



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