the person i admire <3

For one, my sister Danya is somebody who I deeply admire, I’m truly lucky & very thankful to have her as my big sister, she taught me how to do so many things I can’t even explain it, she sets me in the right direction & I thank her for that, & yeah we get on each others nerves , but unlike others we have a bond that no other has, we never fight, (I know many sisters who do) its just like she’s one of my bestfriends… she’s someone I am very much proud to have in my life, she’s grown into a beautiful women ! Now I’m going to tell you a little bit about her. Her full name would be Danya Leann Rose Peters. She’s 9 and a half years older then I am, she’s got such a great personality, with a humor to add to it! You’d be so lucky if she was in your life 🙂



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