My love, my bestfriend, my soulmate<3

William Douglas Charlie my boyfriend who i’ve been with for almost 4 years, on january 25th will mark our 4 year anniversary, & i love him so much, i know what you’re thinking, “you were only 11…” but you know what? we’re so much in love, he’s my best friend, he’s seen me at my worst, he’s seen me at my best, he’s seen me cry, laugh, get mad, be crazy, and still loves me every single day for who i am. i plan to spend the rest of my life with this guy. We’ve had and do have so many ups and downs I don’t possibly know show we’re together but hesmy best friend , he’s my rock, he’s so funny it gets me mad sometimes !

. 20130917-140854.jpgimage6563_489625724406002_580217069_n 163353_472163619485546_1684474780_n 299436_250810318287545_805314359_n 315515_512206978814543_1701519658_n 389522_266821686686408_581615921_n 390356_266822296686347_726969102_n 419813_342080682493841_958013274_n 422954_342080232493886_1181254103_n 431197_472930762742165_1037227585_n 487251_527304877304753_255911883_n 525760_519885681380006_954471544_n 993363_556277501074157_220645702_n 602042_558715354163705_578887980_n 625469_554825761219331_615943902_n 934915_538013966233844_1378198774_n 941986_517867731581801_252633888_n 1379344_580740381961202_715488438_n 1390629_580737525294821_487668907_n 1381720_580737418628165_629456376_n 529945_487302757971632_1601420114_n1237824_567780693257171_751814482_n




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